How will you get it?

How will you get it?
Your Tourist Voucher

Your Tourist Voucher is sent to your e-mail automatically after successful payment of your Order.
Note: PayPal payments are processed in manual mode.
Therefore a delay may occure to recieve your voucher.

Usually a printed copy of the Voucher is enough to be granted a tourist visa .

Please note that some free email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo an put our letter to the Spam folder.
In some countries, these services can block messages with attachments from Russia.

Therefore , whenever possible , we recommend using other mailboxes .

If you still have not received your paid order You can send it to your or any other e-mail.
To do this log in to your account on our website.
Use the previously specified e-mail as a login .

Password - You can get it at any time on the link 'Get / restore password'..