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    Affiliate program.


    What is our affiliate program?

    This is our program to encourage you for your recommendation of our service for visa invitations to Russia issuing.
    You get a cash reward for each order, made on your recommendation.

    How much you get for every order?

    The remuneration is up to 20 USD for every order of a Business visa invitation (15%) and 300 rubles for every order for a Tourist visa invitation - Tourist Voucher.
    You may see current remuneration in your personal account on our Web-site.

    The remuneration is credited to your account balance after the order made on your recommendation is paid.

    How to enter your personal account on our Web-site - see here

    How to become an affiliate?

    Any user may join our affiliate program inmediately after placing an order on our site www.visa.llcentre.ru
    It may be even a test order without payment.
    A personal account for any user at our web-site is created automatically when placing any order.
    Details of account ( login and password ) are sent to the user's e-mail.
    Your Login is your e-mai. Password consists of 7 digits.
    If you have not received a letter with a password, or do not remember it, you can at any time request a password recovery.
    To do it, click on "Get password" under the form of Login in the account.

    How can you dispose of remuneration received from us

    You can use received rewards at your discretion:

    • pay orders on our website, or
    • withdraw money - order withdrawal to your PayPal account. This transfer commission is paid by the recipient.

    How can you get the funds to your PayPal account

    To order the transfer of funds from your account, use the link "Request withdrawal" located under the balance of your account.

    How to view orders made on your recommendation

    All orders made on your recommendation, you can see in your personal account by clicking on the link "View orders made on my recommendation."

    You can see the Order ID, the date of the order, the status of the payment - it is, paid or not, and the status of the enrollment fee to your balance (0- not enrolled, 1 - enrolled).

    Due to the fact that the orders can be paid in different ways, fee enrollment is made in the manual mode - in our business hours on the day of received payment for orders placed on your recommendation, or the next working day.

    How can you recommend?

    Your recommendation is your personal link to our website. You can take this link in your personal account on our website under "My Account".
    Your personal link contains your unique number.

    This unique number markes all orders that make people who enterd our site on your link-recommendation.

    Thus way our system understands that you have invited these members to our site, and that you have to receive reward for that order when it gets paid.

    You can send your referral link to your friends and acquaintances via e-mail, post to Facebook, Twitter and others. Social Networks or forums.


    If you already have your account, enter email address used for registration, and this order will be added to your list of orders.

    If you do not have an account enter your email in the box and your account will be created automatically.

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    LLCentre 2008-2018 © All rights reserved. Luxe Legal Centre Ltd.
    Contact: 127055, 43, Lesnaya st., Moscow, Russia
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    Phone: +7 (495) 7401647

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