Travel Voucher for Russia - automatic on-line issue and instant delivery to your e-mail..


To get started, select the language by clicking on the image of the flag


Then enter your email and choose a nationality.


Please, enter your valid email - you will receive to the entered e-mail your Tourist Voucher automatically immediately after the payment is finished.

If desired nationality is not listed, that means that this service is unavailable for that nationality


Next, fill in all the fields of the order form.

Name and Surname type in Latin characters as specified in your passport. We recommend you to see the machine-readable line in the bottom part of your passport.


First and last Name in Russian you may leave blank if you do not know how to read in Russian.


Passport validity. Please note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the desired visa.


Next, on the calendar select the date of entry into Russia, and the date of departure from Russia.


Recommended time of the trip is no more than 15-17 days. This is the normal tourist trip time, and in this case, only a Voucher is sufficient to obtain a visa.

With longer periods, the Russian consulate may request confirmation of paid Hotel. Not reservation, but namely payment.


You can scroll through the calendar for the year ahead.


You can apply to the Russian consulate for a visa not earlier than 90 days before the trip.


Then choose from a list of cities in Russia where you will be staying at the hotel.


Nearby in the field, enter the hotel name in quotation marks (on the model).


If you want to stay with  your friends or relatives do not write it instead of the Hotel name. A such Voucher is not valid without a hotel, and a visa wil not be provided on a such Voucher.


Next you go to the checkout page.


After confirming the correctness of the data, a page will open to confirm that your order is successfully stored.

On that page you can pay for your order to get your Voucher instantly to your email.
We accept cards Visa / Mastercard.

When the payment completed, check your email. There will be a letter from us with the subject "Your Tourist voucher is attached". You will find your voucher attached to this letter, and in the letter you will have instructions for completing the visa application form for the consulate.

If you have not received your voucher, check your Spam or Deleted folders.
If the voucher has not arrived within 10 minutes after successful payment, please report it on page
   In case of successful payment, you can get your Voucher from your account. To do this, login ainto your account, choose the "Orders History " in the menu on the left and in the window that opens, click on your desired order. Then click on the "Get to the e-mail "

If you are not ready to pay for your order right away, you can return to your order at any time.

The data for access to the order and to your account are sent to your email when you save your order.