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    A Multi-entry visa invitation for Russia

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    A Multiple-Entry Business visa is suitable for frequent short visits to Russia.

    If you have a multiple visa, you may stay in Russia no more than 90 days (total or consistently) per period of 180 days.

    Therefore, if you plan to stay in Russia for more time than allowed on a business visa, you need to obtain a work visa because it allows you to stay in Russia without limitation entire duration of the visa ( 1 or 3 years )

    Early cancellation of a multiple business visa to get another business visa is not allowed.

    However, when applying for a work visa, a valid business visa must be canceled.

    Business visa invitations are issued to persons who work in firms, companies or organizations for trip to Russia for the employer or business interest.

    That is why details of company-employer are required when applying for a business visa invitation.

    Ie if the person does not work or can not specify the employer, we can not issue a business invitation.

    For multiple visas only original Letter of Invitation is required. No copies are allowed.

    If you need the original invitation, we will send it by DHL or UPS, at extra charge or you may ask a friend of yours to pick up your invitation from our office.

    Please note that when completing the visa application form for the Consulate you must provide information exactly as given in your Letter of Invitation:
    Host company;
    Visa validity.

    We process Business Letters of Invitation on behalf of one of our companies or partner company..
    This means that this company is your formal Host company.
    Itinerary – exactly as specified in the Letter of Invitation.
    It is quite important to obtain a visa. Once your visa is issued, you can go to any city in Russia.

    This kind of Letter of Invitation we usually process in 1 month or 3 weeks or 13 work days.

    You mayorder your Letter of Invitation right now.
    To place your order click the button ORDER and the order form will open in a new window.

    There you may attach a scanned copy of your passport (front page).

    Or download the application form in Word format, complete it and send it to our e-mail as shown in the order from.

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    Prices in RUR

    Count processing days:

    Only business days should be counted.

    Start counting since tomorrow ( if a business day ) if you placed and paid your order today untill 14:00 hrs. ( Moscow time )

    If later, start counting after one business days.

    What is the difference: Original (Blank) or Telex (Electronic) invitation?

    Processing time in work. days→
    21 work. days
    Type of Invitation →

    Telex Migration Office
    Multy Stay 90 / 180

    6 months


    18900 RUR






    12 months


    19800 RUR








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